Mind Games

Experience a unique adventure with our brand new Mind Game escape rooms!

60 Minutes

You’ve been kidnapped and placed in Cryosleep, but you awake early. The clock is ticking, with your captor set to wake in 60 minutes. Take control of the ship before time runs out.


60 Minutes

The year is 2039, and there’s been a zombie outbreak. You’ve survived this long… but you’ve just been bitten. Your only hope is to break into an abandoned government bunker to find the antivirus, before your time runs out.


30 Minutes

You and your group of Wild West Outlaws have a plan to carry out a bank robbery. Get into the vault and get the loot before the Sheriff arrives.


30 Minutes

Queen Magdelana has tasked you with locating her coveted amulet. You must search Vesputin’s quarters, matching wits against the spells and incantations of a royal sorcerer. Recover the amulet and expose Vesputin before he returns, or be sent to the dungeon for all of eternity.

Our restaurant and entertainment areas accept credit, debit, and Spare Time cards only. Cash can be loaded onto a Spare Time card at the red teller machines near the front entrance.