Mind Games

Experience a unique, immersive adventure with our Mind Game escape rooms! Challenge your family and friends to work together to find clues, crack codes, and solve our puzzles to unlock the story and make it out from our 30-minute or 60-minute Escape Adventures!

Escape Rooms are great for friend groups and families looking to put themselves to the test, take on a challenge, and have some fun. Our Breakout rooms are designed with theatrical lighting, special effects, sounds, and more making them perfect for team building, bonding activities, or just challenging yourself with friends or co-workers. 

30 Minute Adventures: $15.00 per person
60 Minute Adventures: $25.00 per person

PHARAOH’S REVENGE – Best for Family Fun
60 Minutes • 2-8 Guests • Medium Difficulty
Your team of archeologists uncover ancient artifacts in the Egyptian desert – and then become horribly ill. It’s up to you to determine the cause and save your team, before it’s too late. Ages 8+, 12+ without adult. 


MAYDAY – Best for groups that want to be challenged.
60 Minutes • 2-8 Guests • High Difficulty
You’re on an exotic submarine adventure when something goes horribly wrong. When a system malfunctions, you must seal the water-tight doors – or sink to the bottom of the freezing cold ocean. Ages 8+, 12+ without adult.


ZOMBIE RESEARCH LAB – Best for first timers
30 Minutes • 2-8 Guests • Low Difficulty
The Zombyte virus is infecting mechanically enhanced humans to create a horde of robo-zombie creatures. Your team of scientists is trapped in a lab with a simple goal: find a cure. Ages 8+, 12+ without adult


Our restaurant and entertainment areas accept credit, debit, and Spare Time cards only. Cash can be loaded onto a Spare Time card at the red teller machines near the front entrance.


Do we need to reserve Escape Rooms in advance?
A: We recommend reserving online in advance, to guarantee your space. You can make Escape Room Reservations online here. We also accept walk-ins when rooms are available.

What are your Escape Rooms hours?
A: Regular business hours for our Mind Games Escape Rooms are:
Sundays: Noon – 11pm
Mon-Thurs: 4:30pm – 11pm
Fridays: 4:30pm – Midnight
Saturdays: Noon – Midnight

To book group adventures outside of our normal operating hours, contact our event planners!

Will we be locked in the room?
A: No, for safety reasons the doors are never locked.

Will my group be playing with others?
A: No, your group will have the entire Escape Room to yourselves.

Do we need prior Escape Room knowledge to solve the puzzles?
A: Our Escape Rooms are designed so that the puzzles can be solved from clues found within the room. We have dedicated Game Masters watching behind the scenes that will help nudge you in the right direction if your group does get stuck.

Is there an age limit?
A: Age limits vary on each room. Please refer to the room descriptions above for age recommendations.

What is your cancellation policy?
A: If you should need to cancel your Escape Room Booking, please provide at least 48 hours notice. Your deposit will be credited toward a future Escape Room booked within 60 days, or returned to you in the form of a gift card. There are no cash refunds.

Can we bring food or drinks into the game?
A: We ask that no food or drink is taken into the Escape Rooms.

Can you accommodate large parties or corporate events?
A: Absolutely! Our expert Event Planners are here to help coordinate all the details and love hosting large parties and corporate events. You can reach our Event Planner by calling (319) 249-6001 or submitting an event inquiry here