Bowl for a Cause

Bowl for a Cause: Strike Up Some Fun & Give Back this Summer!

Looking to add some socializing, friendly competition, and good vibes to your summer nights? We have you covered! Join our all-new “Bowl for a Cause” summer league, and compete to win a donation of over $3000 (based on 10 teams) to the charity or non-profit closest to your heart!

Here’s the rundown:

  • Compete for Charity: Form a team of 4 and bowl your way to victory for a good cause! The winning team gets to choose a charitable organization to receive a whopping $3,200 donation (based on 10 teams)!
  • Strike a Pose: Show off your bowling skills (or lack thereof – no judgment here)! Scores will be calculated with a 100% of 200 handicap, so even the worst bowlers still stand a chance.
  • Friendly Competition, Fun Times: This league is all about camaraderie and good sportsmanship. Whether you’re a bowling pro or a casual roller, you’ll have a blast hanging out with friends and supporting a great cause.
  • Affordable Fun: The cost is only $15 per person, per week, which includes 3 games of bowling.
  • Second Place Perks: Feeling competitive? Don’t worry, even the runner-up team gets something to celebrate! The second-place team will receive an $800 donation for their chosen charity (based on 10 teams).

Ready to Roll? Here’s how to join:

  • Gather your crew: Form a team of 4 awesome people who are ready to strike (and give back!).
  • Register your team: Secure your spot in the league by registering online. Spots are limited, so don’t wait!
  • Get ready for some summer fun! Mark your calendars for May 16th and unleash your inner bowling champion (or at least have some laughs trying!).


So, what are you waiting for? Join Bowl for a Cause, and make your summer epic while making a difference!




Basic League Rules
– Payment for 10 weeks of bowling ($150 per bowler) due at start of program. Rented or owned bowling shoes are required to be worn by all participants, and not included in weekly dues. If needed, shoes can be rented weekly at the current open play rate.
– Players average will be established on the first 3 games of bowling. Subsequent games will be scored using a handicap of 100% of the difference between the bowler’s average and a scratch figure of 200.
– Team position standings will be determined on a point basis, with 1 point awarded for each game won and 1 point awarded for the high team series in each match.
– Pre/post bowling will not be allowed.
– Absentee bowlers will receive a score of their most recent average plus handicap. Vacancies will receive a score of 120 plus 80 pins of handicap.
Prize/Donation Distribution
Donation payout will be equal to 100% of the dues collected, less weekly lineage fees.
Payouts will be made by check and mailed directly to the winning team’s choice of approved charitable organization.
After the final week of competition, the winning team will provide payee information and mailing address for their selected organization. Checks will be mailed within two weeks of completion. Checks will not be written to individuals/bowlers.
Payouts based on 10 teams of 4:
– 1st Place: $3200 (or 80% of total prize fund) to winning team’s choice of approved charitable organization.
– 2nd Place: $800 (or 20% of total prize fund) to second place team’s choice of approved charitable organization.
Eligible Causes include (but are not limited to):
– Local Organizations (Food pantries, local shelters. Fundraisers benefiting specific local individuals or families will be allowed based on review & approval.
– Animal Welfare Charities
– Anti-Discrimination Organizations
– Child Advocacy
– Children & Family Assistance
– Clean Water Initiatives
– Disaster Relief
– Environmental Causes
– Health & Medical Research
– Housing
– Fighting Hunger
– Human Services & Aid
– Literacy & Education
– Veteran Support
– Youth Development
Spare Time Entertainment reserves the right to review and approve/deny eligibility of organization selections. Organizations will not be approved if they are found to be divisive, controversial, for-profit, promoting violence or hate, or supporting political or otherwise controversial opinions. Organizations must be reputable and verifiable.
Please be respectful of others and help us create a fun and conflict-free environment to raise money and awareness for a good cause!