Experience a unique adventure with our ALL NEW Mind Game escape rooms! Challenge yourself with one of our 60-minute adventures, or think fast in a ten-minute puzzle. In our 1-hour exit games, choose either to free yourself from a sinking Boeing 747 in “Water Landing” or sneak aboard Captain O’Reilly’s ship and steal his treasure in “Captain’s Cove.”

Looking for something faster? Our 10-minute “mini-games” include Space Racers and Spooky Mansion. Will you repair the reactor core of your spaceship to avoid a black hole or escape a haunted mansion before the stroke of midnight? Breakout rooms are perfect for team building, bonding activities, or just challenging yourself and your friends. Reserve your spot online today!

Water Landing

You're halfway across the Atlantic when the Boeing 747's engines suddenly fail. After a successful water landing, the plane is floating - for now. Unfortunately, no one knows you're stowed away in the cargo hold, so it's up to you to free yourself - or sink.

You have 60 minutes to escape. Will you make it out?


Captain's Cove

Captain O'Riley's vessel has run aground, overloaded with gold and riches. The crew has ventured out to gather supplies - You have 60 minutes to sneak onboard and steal the treasure before the pirates return, or suffer the curse of Captain O'Riley!


Space Racers

Think Fast! En route to Mars, you awaken from hibernation to a big problem onboard. Enter the control room and repair the reactor core before you & your ship drift into a black hole and vanish forever!

Reservations are not required for this 10-minute mini adventure. Great for families and Escape Room newbies! Walk-ins welcome!

Spooky Mansion

Think Fast! You'll need to act quickly, gathering clues and solving the puzzles to escape this haunted mansion before the stroke of midnight - or join the spirit world!

This 10-minute mini adventure is great for adventurers of all ages! Reservations are not required for mini-adventures. Walk-ins welcome!

Escape Parties

Escape Room party packages feature a one hour escape room adventure, food, and beverage for up to 10 guests for one low price! Contact our event planners today to reserve your time!

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