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You have 60 minutes in each of our four captivating exit games to solve the puzzle and make your way out! Our uniquely themed escape rooms are excellent for team building, family bonding, couples on date night, and fun for all ages! Choose from Spellcaster, Outbreak, Laboratory 4D (30 mins) and File X and let the brain games begin. Do you think you’re up to the challenge?

Looking for a new party idea? Book an exciting breakout room adventure today! We are now taking reservations online. Click here to reserve your time. We continue to offer bookings until rooms reach their maximum number of players. Private reservations are available only by purchasing all tickets (10 to 12 per room). Adventures with new friends can make the experience much more exciting!

Guests under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Looking for an unlisted time? Call to book weekday events!

The Outbreak

You and your eclectic group of scientists must enter a Top--Secret research facility. Upon entering the lab, you will have only 60 minutes to stop the deadly Zombie Outbreak from spreading and prevent the already infected scientist from escaping quarantine! Work together and work quickly to find the cure. The lab will test your wits while participating in this one of a kind adventure!

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File X

Under the cover of darkness, to avoid discovery by the press, a covert operation took place to move the contents of the top-secret base known as Area 51. Thought to contain the nation's deepest secrets, every object was moved to this very place and now it's up to you and your group to discover the mysteries hidden for decades!



Your group of Wizards in Training must enter the mystical chambers of the great and powerful Sorcerer known as Dark Raven. Your quest is to find the Sacred Crystal of the Ancients. Once unearthed, you must return this powerful relic to its rightful owner. Only you can restore balance to our world! Failure to do so will allow Dark Raven's wicked spell to extinguish the sun, plunging the world into eternal darkness. Your journey will not be easy as you will have to combine your magical powers and focus your wizardry to end his sinister spell! You control the Magic! The fate of the world lies in your hands...


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